TCP-Z v2.6 preview version download

Some friends want to try the new version, now, I upload it to skydriver.
Download link: tcpz_20090226_preview.7z

For full function support, please download older version V2.5.

I will try to make TCP-Z use external language file, To make it easier to support multiple languages.

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Patch for Vista SP2 v.286

Windows Vista SP2 v.286, file version 6.0.6002.16670 .
To 32bit(x86) and 64bit(x64), all old version of TCP-Z / Universal Theme Patcher can patch it.

Download link.

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TCP-Z will support Polish language

Thanks PrEzi!
TCP-Z has been translated into Polish language by PrEzi, it will appear in the next version.

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Preview of next version TCP-Z

First of all, I would like to thank FSoft, he Translate TCP-Z to Italian language.
TCP-Z interface will built in support Italian.


In V2.6, the addition functions is mini bar & statistics of TCP connection.
V2.6 is in development.

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The false positive has been fixed

I have received several e-mails from antivirus company, the false positives of TCP-Z has been fixed.
Includes: Vba32 / drweb / fortinet / Panda antivirus.

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Patch for Windows 7 Build 7022

OS: Windows 7 Build 7022
Platform: 32bit, x86
File version: 6.1.7022.0 (winmain.090115-1850)

32bit, x86:

  • TCP-Z V2.0 ~ V2.5 can patch this version of tcpip.sys. (Patch In Memory)

  • Universal Tcpip.sys Patch V1.0 ~ V1.1 can patch this version of tcpip.sys. (Patch File)

  • Universal Theme Patcher V1.3, Build 20090101 also supports this version of Uxtheme.dll.

Get the list of all downloads ...

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How to check half open limit in Windows [Video]

After Windows XP SP2, TCP half-open connections limit exists in Windows Workstation Edition.
You can use TCP-Z to modify this limit value in runtime, TCP half-open connections number will follow it to change.

This is a demo video, using a port scanning tool to initiate a large number of TCP connections, so you can easily check the limit.


AVI File
4.0 MB

Windows Server and Workstation based on the same framework, so the limit values also exist in the tcpip.sys of Server.
But Windows will never compare this value. There is no limit in the Windows Server Edition.


AVI File
1.1 MB

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TCP-Z Support Vista SP2 RC 16659 v.275

OS: Windows Vista, Build 16659
Platform: 32bit, x86; 64bit, x64
Tcpip.sys version: 6.0.6002.16659
TCP/IP Half Open Connection Limited Default Value: 10

x86: All version of TCP-Z after 20080816 can patch this version of Vista. Includes: V1.x; V2.0 ~ V2.5
x64: TCP-Z V2.5

TCP-Z is Patch In Memory, not modify the original Tcpip.sys file.

If you want to direct patch file Tcpip.sys, please try another tool "Universal Tcpip.sys Patch".

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Universal Theme Patcher Supports Vista SP2 16659

Windows Vista SP2 RC 6002.16659 v.275 comes.
File Version: 6.0.6002.16659

Universal Theme Patcher V1.3, Build 20090101 also supports this version of Vista SP2.

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